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"I first saw Dr Quirk in November, 2014 for severe knee pain in left leg. After a vibrant consultation, x-rays were taken and treatment began immediately. I am pleased to report that after 7 visits/treatments at the office, I am pain free!! Dr Quirk gave every indication that my condition could be fixed and he was correct, even though I may have had my doubts. I would not hesitate to visit DC Ortho/Neuro should the need arise in the future. Complete confidence in Dr Quirk's capabilities and highly recommend."

- Nancy L.

"Approximately 18 yrs ago I was playing on the floor with my 6-9 month old baby, as I was going to stand back up I heard and felt a pop / crack, and couldn't move for close to 30 mins. The next day I went to the ER. No x-rays were taken it felt like I was just a "number" for the ER at the time. They recommended that I go to a sports medicine Dr which I did. This dr told me still without x-rays that I have 2 herniated discs in my lower back I personally felt it was more than that but I'm not a Dr and at the time I just wanted to be pain free. The dr informed me that intense physical therapy is all he can do for me I was also told if the therapy doesn't work my only other option would be the S word (surgery) I was and still against that option. After some sessions with him he kept trying to push that I need to talk with a spine surgeon. After his pushing I decided I'm done with this Dr. Fast forward to February 2014 I was shoveling snow and after a few hrs of this my back was hurting way more than it has been for a long long time. I decided to rest, relax, etc. In March I got a new job 90 days later I began taking advantage of my benefits so I went to a different ER, still no x-rays, but they did give me a prescription for a 7 day steroid pack and pain killers, also they recommended a spine specialist to go see. I made an appointment for this spine specialist got looked at no x-rays yet again but I got an MRI and another prescription for more drugs. A week later I was told to come in to get the results from the MRI. According to the spine specialist I was diagnosed with spinal stenosis which really freaked me out because I didn't know where or what to do. This Dr asked if I would be willing to get cortisone shots I said I'm willing to do almost anything to stop the pain. So I went to a different spine Dr after a consultation with him he told me I was a good candidate for an epidural-steroidal lumbar injection after the shot I actually felt better and in less pain I was ecstatic. That was a short lived feeling less than a week during the next week follow up I was asked how I was doing I told him a bit better but that I still had pain so he got me in for another injection this time whatever he did hurt. After this injection I decided to listen to my mommy and visit her chiropractor. I initially made an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Quirk. After the consultation I FINALLY had x-rays taken. Dr. Quirk looked over and reviewed my MRI and I begun getting treated from this "miracle worker." I have been seeing Dr Quirk since and as of today 3-23-2015 I can honestly say that I AM 80% LESS PAIN!!!! I would recommend Dr Quirk to everybody who has any type of back pain. In my mind he is a godsend."

- Rob K.

"I have been seeing Dr Quirk for many years now. Mainly for "tune ups" to maintain my spine. He has the best bedside manner of any doctor that I have ever met. I believe his knowledge is second to none as well. He's got extensive experience in the field, having treated extremely young to extremely old clients. Many chiropractors out there can't say that. He not only is an expert in chiropractic, but pretty much every aspect of health......and life as well!! If I ever need any advice, health related or not, he's always steered me in the right direction. forward a bit. A couple years ago, I suffered from 2 bulging discs from an accident I was in, causing me extreme pain.....rating it a 9 on a 10 scale. I couldn't move. I went to an orthopedic doctor, who said I should go through physical therapy, and if that didn't work, possibly surgery. I thought, "How can I stand therapy if I can barely move?" I tried the "decompression" program from a local "back pain institute". 3 months later, it did nothing except drain my pocketbook. I went to Dr Quirk for another opinion. He looked at my MRI and confidently said he'd have me pain free in no time. He also said not to even consider surgery!! He explained that a disc resembles a foundation of a building. Imagine taking a chunk of the foundation away, due to damage. That part of the building isn't supported anymore. The building may stand for awhile, but will probably start to fail in the long run. Is that the chance I wanted to take?? After that explanation, I started treatments. Long story short, I was back to new within about 2 months!! I was ecstatic!! My faith in Dr Quirk, though already strong, had exponentially grown! I never thought I'd be pain free, but now I am! I now trust Dr Quirk with my life, and highly recommend him to anyone in need of chiropractic care! He is a miracle worker! Thanks, Doc!!"

- Eric S.

"Amazing doesn't begin to explain how Dr. Quirk handled my case of vertigo! After 6 days of suffering I called in a desperate attempt to feel better. He had me come right over at 7pm and I walked out at 7:30 with no symptoms! So grateful for his knowledge and expertise."

- Kathleen G.

"I came to Dr. Quirk after suffering for almost a decade with migraines/headaches, all out of options. Dr. Quirk found a misalignment in my neck. I've been going to him for adjustments, and have not had a migraine ever since! He has provided me with relief, and a newfound gratitude. Great bedside manner, a positive attitude, and hope for better quality of life is what you'll get from this doc."

- Jessica L.

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